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Miami Ecological Products is a company founded and located in Miami Florida; registered under Florida’s regulations since 1991. Our operation began 20 years ago as scrap metal recycler, during this time we have been doing business with several local recyclers and scrap metal companies. Our operation includes Latin America and Florida. In this catalog we offer to all our costumers the necessary knowledge about scrap catalytic converter. That’s enough to grade and prepare your own loads.

During our 20 years in the market we have acquired a solid and excellent reputation, not just by the volume but by the honest and clear way to do business. Monthly we are processing loads from several countries in Latin America and costumers in Florida. Our company passed the 2008’s market crash down, and still provides the operational and financial guarantee for your business.

Every purchase is made respecting our grading. If your catalytic converter is not in our gallery, we will need a sample to make some test about the content of the units.

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